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 “Spring is synonymous with blossoms, and blossoms mean cherry blossoms.

 As evidenced by this saying, cherry blossoms have captured a special niche

  in the hearts of the Japanese people from the ancient times.

 To our forefathers, who were agricultural people, native cherry blossoms served as a  

 calendar, announcing the arrival of the seeding season. Cherry blossoms have been an

 integral part of daily living of the people.Japan, at cherry blossoms, is in its most beautiful

 of all seasons, which is also the merriest of the seasons, for it is the joyous season of

 awakening from the long cold winter.”

 (Excerpt from Chapter 1, Following cherry blossoms – my passage to plant drawings, Sakura, by Yoai Ohta)


 In 1969, my father set out on his journey to draw cherry blossoms all over Japan.

 He visited Hida Takayama, and there, in the grounds of Hongakuji temple,

 he had come across a huge double-flowered cherry, affectionately named Shiogama- 

 zakura by the locals.

  It turned out that it was a new species of cherry. Dr. Jizaburo Ohi kindly included the name  

 of the discoverer in the academic name for this new breed: Purunus Lannesiana cr. “Ohta-

 zakura”. So, on the 26th of June, 1969, Ohta-zakura was born.

  “FLOWERING CHERRIES OF JAPAN” (Drawings by Yoai Ohta, text by Dr. Jizaburo Ohi,

 published by Heibonsha),

 which is my father’s most representative work, has long been out of print.

 Many lovers of plant drawings have told me that it has been almost impossible to find a  

 copy at the second-hand bookstores.

 It has been 20 years since my father passed away.

 Taking this opportunity of holding the flowering cherries original drawings exhibition,

 we have decided to publish “Yoai Ohta Flowing Cherries Compilation” so that anyone  

 interested can easily obtain a copy.

 The original drawings of “Flowering Cherries of Japan” will be the core feature of this new  


 I hope that this publication will not be treated simply as a botanical drawing book,

 but as the cherry blossom drawing chronology of Yoai Ohta, the cherry drawing artist

 I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the assistance given to me by so many  

 people in publishing this book of drawings.

 I wish to recite a haiku by Basho that my father loved as a token of my appreciation.

Rampart memories, blossoming cherries do evoke ; by Basho

  Bud sprouting season of Ohta-zakura in our garden, 2008  Shuhei Ohta


      Yoai OHTA ”sakura” Botanical - art Book 

   Yoai OHTA  “sakura” Botanical - art Sheet

      Yoai OHTA “sakura”  Botanical - Post Card


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